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The information of Hydroponics
Soil- less planting system
We have known the soil- less planting system for a long time ago especially for the countries which have limitation of the area size, shortage area, improper physical area such as slope area, hot climate, too cold, or less rain fall quantity in some countries on volcano, desert countries, or cold countries. The soil- less planting (Ithisoonthorn, 2008) is a plantation which does not use soil but using nutrients in solution form directly. We use growing media instead of soil. Its property has to be proper for plant's growth. Normally, they are inert substances and dose not emit any chemicals to plants.
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The office of Western agricultural supporting of Thailand (2008) stated the advantages and limitation of soil- less planting system. The system can grow in every season in the year continuously. After we cropped.
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This technique is so traditional and using a tray for growing container (wood, foam, plastic, etc.). We drill holes at the lid of the container (made of foam) in order to place plant or growing cup of plant inside. We cover the base
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The principle and structure of this technique is similar to the former technique, but the difference is that the aeration to the water of solution has done by water or nutrient solution circulation. The technique is a closed system.
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Nutrient Flow Technique, or NFT
This is a water or solution circulation which is a most popular one. The principle is that the plant root was soaked in the gully which the slope of 1-3 %. There is water or nutrient solution flowing as thin layer periodically as determined in order to let the plant's root humid and has sufficient oxygen. This technique was developed by Allen Cooper, the British scientist in 1976. As conventional technique
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Hydroponics Green- Fed Production, or Agriponic
This technique is for growing cereal as food for animal such as wheat, oat, barley, corn, or millet. In order to let those kinds of cereal have high nutrition, the growing process was done in the environmental controlled growing box. The water or nutrient solution was circulated by spraying as water mist all over the tray. Another way is that we drop the water at the head of the tray and let the Read More